Be Liability 440 000 MARK IN WEIGHT OF T. Mandela sought by the Navy. COMMISSIONER AUDITORS

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(Title) According to the Chief Commissioner of the Court by Schoiniotaki, former Transport Minister has unlawfully, unreasonably and without lawful reason, the amount of 440,000 DM, which is prohibited by law for the funding of political parties and asks that charged to and for the Greek government.
“Such sponsorships of such prohibited and punished even the sponsor,” said Mr. Schoiniotakis adding that the Mandela T. “enriched by 440 000 make unjustified misuse and illegal exploitation of ministerial capacity, held during the years 1998-1999 “.

The Chief Commissioner also indicated that ethical for a minister” is not acceptable and dignified attempt to convince people that such an amount “oiling” can be accepted by the Greek taxpayer and voter, baptized as legitimate sponsorship “.
Finally, k.Schoiniotakis characterizes as” oiling “and not an election issue sponsorship amount and state that the former Transport Minister “went to the House to mock, not to discover the truth as it should”.

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