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Be competitive, PM tells youths

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Be competitive, PM tells youths
KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak told the country’s younger generation that they must be willing to change and face a competitive world without relying on government aid. The prime minister said that with the New Economic Model (NEM), Malaysians must not only competitive domestically but must be brave and leap into the international …
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Greek Polytheism Today. From the New Testament of the Holy Metropolis of Germany: “Hellenes (…), so are called the Ethnics, the Idolaters.” (Page 530) “We (Greek Polytheists) are not Idolatry. The statue is a springboard to greater things. ” Doretta Peppa Greek (Hellenic) Religion and Gods (Pages: 01): ______ About the Term “Pagan”: In our days it is used to call a non-monotheistic religion as pagan or neo-pagan, but this word in reality is an insult for the native/ethnic polytheistic pre-Christian religions. We prefer not to use this term which was applied from the Christian church in order to insult our ancestors and their religion and way of life. The term ‘Pagan’, which in the original Latin is derived from Paganus (peasant), is yet another insult used by the victorious Christians since the 4th Century, to belittle what remained of the Native Religions. They used this to label all those remaining loyal to their Ethnic Traditions, to imply that they were uneducated and uncouth villagers. The term was used for centuries in most European languages to refer to the Ethnikoi. In the 20th Century, it was reintroduced with the suffix neo (viz. Neopaganism), by various Christian-inspired devotees of Esotericism and the New Age. ‘Neopaganism’ doesn’t concern us. It may even be a manufactured ploy to detract from the current world rule of the so-called ‘Monotheists’. “Pagan” as a pejorative term was used in the past by institutions attempting to destroy other
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