Basket League: Cardica saved, Apollo Patras demoted

He will compete in the second category of Greek basketball in the 2021–25 season, after seeing her take a historic double in Lavrio and lock her stay in the Basket League from their first playout match. Historical “double” for Karditsa in Lavrio, bending the home resistance by 95–88, for the 1st game out of the Basket League and ensuring her stay in the “big living rooms”. Nikos Papanikolopoulos’ team scored its first away victory, after 11 defeats away from its “home” and improved its record to 8-15, catching Lavrio and “condemning” to relegation of the Apollo skyline. In a match, in which the two teams went hand-in-hand to most of it, Karditsa was the one who had the clear mind in the crucial last minutes and from 72–72 to 31–1 ran a partial score of 2–11 for +9 (74–83 at 36–1), which was formed with a three-pointer by Kaberidis. With this “lift” safety, Karditsa found psychology and without losing her duration she first cut the thread of finish, reaching the first “double” in her History in the Basket League. First scorer of the winners Tevin Mack with 22 points, while 18 to 9 rebounds were the account of Shak Buchanan. “Double” Ray McCallum with 14 points and 10 rebounds, while 14 points with 3/4 three points was scored by George Kamperidis. Of the hosts, which lined up without Godika, Kavvada and Chami, Xavier Kastaneda tried with 21 points.

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