Barcelona: This will be the new and impressive “Camp Nu”

A “pallet” for ! The new “” is under construction and the footage released shows that the final picture of the “blues” stadium will be impressive. Work on the Barcelona stadium began in June 2023 and the new “Camp Noo” is expected to be completed permanently in early 2026, with the total capacity of the stadium expected to reach up to 105,000 places. Barcelona Media is constantly making current footage from the stadium, but also future plans showing the project complete. The last video released in the public eye is awesome to the team’s friends! The new Camp Nou will be the greatest football stadium on earth. Via — FCB Albiceleste (@FCBAlbiceleste) The club’s people say the projects progress faster than expected. According to estimates, Barcelona will be able to compete again in “Camp Noo” at the end of this year, having the ability to host about 65,000 fans in the first phase.