Barcelona – Las Palmas 1-0: Tough win for Catalans

The won Las Palmas 1–0 for La Liga’s 30th race, with Rafinia scoring the only goal of the match. Barcelona, although having difficulty, managed to win Las Palmas 1–0 in Montjuic, Barcelona thanks to Rafinia’s goal in the 59–minute race and reduce its distance from Real Madrid to five points. Barcelona who competed with several changes in her eleventh, was from the start of the match better than Las Palmas, however her failure in her attack was costing. Guests even saw their goalkeeper Alvaro Bayes expelled with a direct red card for irregular marking in 24, which made their effort even harder. However by João Felix’s beautiful effort who had entered the field as a change, Barcelona managed with Rafinia scoring, with 1–0 remaining to the end. In fact the guests towards the end of the race had certain opportunities to score, but not successfully crowned.