Bank Shares Send Greek Default Signal

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Greece fraud
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Bank Shares Send Greek Default Signal
This suggests investors are worried that Greece will go bankrupt.
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FYROM (Republic of fake Macedonia) continues its hostile actions against Greece by paying for another two propagandist films (“Nick Stoyan” and “A name is a name”). These two films that were commissioned by FYROM’s fascist regime aim to present Greece as a fascist state. Of course both of these films are fictional and based on pure propaganda. On the other hand and based on real events, FYROM is the number one FASCIST state in the Balkans. In 1940 they fought on Hitler’s side. In 2001, FYROM’s militia massacred Albanian civilians in Aracinovo and many of FYROM’s officers were indicted to Hague, including their minister L. Boskovksi. Again in 2001, Boskovski ordered the murder of six Pakistani immigrants with the intenion to present them as terrorists and boost FYROM’s profile as a terrorist fighter on USA’s campaign against terrorism. Even today, FYROM has laws that prevent the scientific research on their background and abuses its own citizens who don’t accept the lie of “ethnic Macedonians”, typical example is the two time imprisonment of Vasko Gligorijevic. It’s truly ironic when fascist regimes like FYROM falsely accuse others of things that their country is master at. These films are nothing more than propagandist actios in order to gain the sympathy of USA and the rest of the world who have no idea of what is really going on in the Balkans. NICK STOYAN A NAME IS A NAME FYROM SKOPJE SKOPLJE VARDARSKA BULGARIA GREECE HELLAS MACEDON MAKEDON GREEK MACEDONIA MACEDOINE