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AYTA are the CRIMES with perpetrators of MINORS, which “froze” the National – From the little Alex, the 14-year-old Tasos [photos]

This is not the first time that the pan-hellenic shocked coming face to face with…
crimes of juvenile murderers.

August 2013 and the national are shocked when they are hauled dead from an irrigation channel in the area Στρέφι Ilia two children aged 4 and 7 years old. It is revealed that a murderer is the only 13-year-old uncle.

Some years ago, 1995 in Βατάνι Katerini 15-year-old kills with incredible cruelty his parents in their home. The crime, the details of which look like straight out of the toughest films of violence, was designated by the police director of Pieria as “unprecedented for the Greek chronicles”.

It was February 3, 2006 when the disappearance of a minor boy, Alex, “a cold day” the panhellenic and bring it to the attention of Veria. The Juvenile Court of Thessaloniki found guilty of five internally. The body was never found.
“The criminal investigation is settled and stable in the results of the last 100 years and shows no specific findings with regard to the perpetration of criminal acts by minors and talks about specific conditions that need to coincide in the particular minor. The combination of poverty, a pathological family environment, and lack of control of parents for the children”, stresses the csi Angel Τσιγκρής.
Minors killers are caught, judged and suffering the consequences of serious operations from a very young age. Over the years that are as personalities, what is their future?
“The children can not return easily to the place where happened the incident. So, the kids leave with the feeling that they have been rejected by the environment and with an element of punishment in the after. Some may attempt to join again in society and be able to manage with the help of this biome that have been” stressed the psychologist-a child psychologist, Alexandra Καππάτου.

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