Attica: Arresting three people for drug trafficking and gun possession

Police officers have moved on to three people accused of and gun possession. In Peristeri two women and a man aged 40, 45 and 58 were arrested yesterday by police officers from the Department of Narcotics of Attica Security. The three people are charged with drug trafficking and a gun was found in their possession. The man is also accused of violence against employees. According to ELAS, as part of actions to arrest drug traffickers and after investigating information about the actions of the accused in the trafficking of quantities of heroin, raw cannabis and pharmaceutical tablets, their criminal activity was identified and certified. It is noted that the 58-year-old just saw the police tried to resist control and repulsed them. The investigation carried out identified, inter alia, and seized: A gun with 27 cartridges, 3 kg and 380 grams of heroin, 11.5 g of raw cannabis, 79 tablets, a taser and a sum of 1,825 euros, 14,000 crowns of Iceland, 200 dollars Canada and 60 pounds UK. Arrested persons were taken to the competent prosecutor.

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