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(Title) attack with Molotov cocktails accepted the morning of the riot squad, who guarded the Sports Museum of Thessaloniki. At 3.45, an unknown group came from the campus and attacked the policemen. The squad was there, the night before, during running, had suffered vandalism and damage to the Sport Museum.
The group of juveniles came from Aghiou and began throwing molotov cocktails at police, who hit back by using grenade Click – Flash. The skirmish lasted a few minutes, and resolved the unknown on campus, without causing damage or injuries occur.
Episodic recall that was the last night in Thessaloniki.

At dawn Saturday, about 20 minutes after midnight, a group of juveniles had come back from the premises of the Aristotle University, setting up barricades with trash bins on the street of Defense and hurling stones, torches and Molotov cocktail at riot police. Losses were more than three car passenger cars. The police forces chase them inside the university campus.
As announced later, the Police Department, were brought 11 youngsters who were released. The situation reverted to normality in 1.40 ‘. Reminiscent of a battlefield park across from the old School of Philosophy of Aristotle by hundreds of pieces of marble in the territory.
Earlier, from 20.30 to 22.30, Friday evening, the streets Saint Demetrios III September around the premises of the group of Hercules, unknown cause damage to traffic lights and 12 glass panes of the Museum of Sport.

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Clinton wins at DL (25)
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People often times comment on my vlogs that I should stay out of politics and go back to comedy where I belong. What they ignore is that politics and satirizing the President is what I’ve done since I started in show business over 40 years ago. Those people loved when I attacked Nixon and Reagan, but when it’s a democrat, they tell me to stay out of it. Obama will not be the first president I attack, nor the last. No leader is immune to my scrutiny. so get used to it. Here is some presidential humor from my first Broadway show, “The World According To Me” in 1986, which I won a Tony and an Emmy for. I bet mostly because I make fun of Reagan. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Alaskans for Truth Rally: Get the Fork out of Alaska
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