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(Title)  GET IMAGE FROM THE OLYMPIC grass stage in the 2004 THE OLYMPIC GAMES …

Panathinaikos in rehearsal for the championship won by 2-0 to Genoa, but the game itself is obliterated. The dominant topic of discussion at the Olympic Stadium was an unacceptable situation … reconditioned lawn. It was so awful the new grass of the Olympic Stadium, which endangered the physical safety of players. Even at 18, retired to stud by pulling Cisse will stay about 15 days off land.
Whole pieces of turf getting up and leaving, always open holes, a golf … plain minefield, which was impossible to play normal football. From a point on the pitch looked as if it was dug.
Now was the reaction of the people of Panathinaikos furious at halftime informed journalists that to “tie” the new turf needs daily watering. However revealed that two days (Friday and Saturday) because of failure … it was not irrigated. Panathinaikos and people argue that those in charge of the Olympic Stadium is not informed that it was for two days watering the lawn.
As you any respect, the situation is the turf seems unlikely to take place in the coming days in the Olympic Stadium AEK Games – Dundee G. (Thursday) and Manchester – Skoda Xanthi (Friday).

In purely competitive part, Nick Nioplias presented two different groups. The key in the first half, the second alternate. Despite the enormous problems posed by the wretched pitch, Panathinaikos had good ball movement and willingness to play fast and simple football. He, however, and slow returns and did not avoid the mistakes defensively.
In Shootout won by Leto 36 ‘Karagounis wrote 1-0. From great individual effort on 67 Clayton, Petropoulos made it 2-0. In the Olympic Stadium were about 30,000 fans and a small portion of Panathinaikos fans engaged in the first half on offensive slogans (and raised and banners) in the “Tzigker. At the same time most of the Panathinaikos fans chanting slogans in favor criticized the team.

PANATHINAIKOS: Tzorvas, Spyropoulos (Marino 46), Vyntra (46 Seitaridis), select (46 Sariegki) Boumsongk (46 Biarsmir), Gilberto (46 reserve assets), Katsouranis (46 Ioannidis), Karagounis (46 Ninis), Leto (46 Dimoutsos), Govou (Clayton 46), Cisse (18 Petropoulos).
The original lineup of Genoa: Eduardo, Ranokio, Moreti, Milaneto, Ntaineli, Rafinha, Palacio, Tony Scully, Mesto, ARROW

The Nioplias
“We have a very good game . The only bad thing was the pitch. What we spoiled the mood. The world could see even better football now because we were in a good day. We have flaws and they will work. I am happy and the two halves. We must be careful the counterattacks we receive from the staged phases. We have many good players. We have done couples of all places. We have worked to prepare this and see that we are coming to the stadium. “
Quoting Cisse injury was poignant for the sight of the lawn: “We will miss two weeks. We lost that game in Xanthi and after a break. He was fit, but when you play at a stadium is like playing in the sand. I am not responsible for the land not expected to be in this situation. In such a pitch at risk players who are going to do sprints and may be damaged. We have to go somewhere that is good land. If you can not do anything that you have a good image? I do not know who will play with Xanthi. have been slow to build and there’s no way we want to play at a stadium. A team defense will have a more difficult task than that which applied “.
Before beginning match the observed one minutes silence in memory of Stefan Bompek.

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