Athens Exchange: At 1,431.16 units the General Index

At slightly lower levels the shares move at the beginning of today’s meeting (6.3.2024) . The General Index of Prices on the Greek stock exchange at 11:00, is formed at 1,429.06 units with a small drop of 0.13%, while at 13:00, it is formed at 1,431.16 units with a marginal rise of 0.02%. The value of transactions is EUR 33.45 million. The high capitalisation index shows a slight rise of 0.13%, while the mid-capitalization index is marginally reinforced to 0.08%. Of the shares in high capitalization, the largest increase is recorded by PPC’s shares (+1.54%), Quest Shareholders (+1.47%) and Eurobank (+1.1%). On the contrary, the largest fall is recorded by Elvalhalcor (-5,16%), PPA (1,35%) and Coca Cola HBC (1,0%). The largest volume of transactions is presented by Eurobank and Piraeus with 1,447,594 and 1,4411,215 shares respectively. Piraeus has the highest transaction value with 5.96m euros and Eurobank with 2.77m euros. Uphill they move 49 shares, 48 jumpers and 25 remain stable. The largest rise is recorded by the shares: Beetros +8.94% and Trastor +696%. The largest fall is noted by the shares: Elvalhalcor -5.16% and Spiros Rural House – 3.81%. On the foreign exchange market, the euro against the dollar rises to 0.10% and is set at $1.0871. The euro is at 162,7230 yen, 0.8543 with sterling and 0.9613 with the Swiss franc. The rate of the dollar is 0.19% down against the yen and is set at 149,7300 yen. The sterling against the dollar is rising 0.12% and is formed to $1,2721.