Athens Exchange: At 1,427.34 units the General Index – Fall of shares in Europe

Mild upward trends occur at the beginning of Athens, today (11,32024). The General Index on the Greek Stock Exchange is formed at 1,427.34 units with a marginal rise of 0.02%. The transaction value is formed at 7.543,705, EUR 68 by 1,660. 847.00 shares that have changed hands so far. Of the 82 shares moved 34 were won, 33 losses and 15 remained unchanged against the closure of last Friday (8.3.2024). The index of high capitalization FTSE is falling 0.25%, the mid capitalization FTSEM gains 0.02% and the FTSE HA Market Index falls 0.29%. Of the individual titles the most significant rise is recorded by Klost’s share. Naupaktos with 4.55% profits, followed by the share of structural Crete with 4.12% and the Technical Olympic Games with 2.50%. On the contrary, the share of General Trade and Industry with losses -3.36%, followed by Akritita with -2.56% and Aphos Kordellus with -2.33%. The climate in European stock exchanges today at the start of trade, after losses in Asian markets, while investors are cautious in view of the announcement of inflation figures in the US later this week. The EU-wide STOXX 600 index has dropped 0.4% at 10:17 Greek time and is heading towards the largest daily percentage decline over a month if losses continue. The Portuguese PSI stock exchange index recorded a 0.3% drop after yesterday’s parliamentary election. The centre-right Democratic Alliance won the election but it is not clear whether it will be able to rule without the support of the far-right Chega.