At 10.8 minutes PPC’s green invoice for April

RIC increase records its green (regulated) electricity tariff (C1/N1) for April, as it is 10.8 minutes per kilowatt hour for consumption of up to 500 kilowatts to domestic consumers. Similarly, consumption above this limit is charged with 11.8 minutes, while the night price is 8.2 minutes. PPC offers an increased 15% discount for April, compared to 10% in March, thus absorbing part of the rise that would otherwise have the green invoice. At 12.5 minutes the blue-stable Simultaneous, PPC announced that a reduced blue (stable) invoice at 0.125 euros per kilowatt hour with a fixed fixed price at 5 euros per month for a previous charge at 0,179 minutes per kilowatt hour. It is about PPC myHomeEnter for Home Customers. It is noted that the new charge announced concerns both daily consumption and nighttime. To promote the product, the package is accompanied with a 50 euro discount on the first account, as well as the activation of the product PPC myHomeEnter, PPC GreenPass is provided free of charge for 3 months. Finally, the charge is fixed for 12 months.