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Asked for a glass of water, but they stole 300 euros and jewelry

They took advantage of his advanced age, difficulty in mobility, the loneliness of his life, good mood to help…
Thieves asked 86-year-old in Rizomilos give them water and the method of employment they found the way and the time and stole from the house, whatever money they found, and jewelry.
The old man up to perceive the evil that had happened it was too late. He had the glass of water in hand, but the uninvited guests as if by magic they were nowhere in sight.
The perpetrators turned out to be that they removed from the old the amount of 300 euros, as well as an unknown number of jewelry.
For the incident, which happened the other day at a completely random time after the thieves were presented to the elderly early in the morning, reference was made to the Police Department at velestino junction.
According to residents of the region, the perpetrators were two people, probably Greek, because the pronunciation was good. It was out of the house of the elderly when the 86χρονος spotted them watching suspicious movement and rushed to ask initially what they want and then serve them.
The old man lives alone in the home with child care. As mentioned, the residence is located in a sparsely populated area, which seems that the perpetrators took advantage of you and “hit” them without any hesitation or shyness towards the aged.

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