Arsenal – Porto 4-2(1-0 in extension): Qualification with hero Raya in the quarterfinals of the Champions League the Londoners

Her prevailed 4–2 in the penalty (1–0 the regular duration), with the Londoners qualifying for his quarterfinals having David Raya hero who repudiated two executions. Arsenal managed to overcome the obstacle of the warring Porto and qualify for Champions League’s “8”, with David Raya being the ultimate protagonist for Mikel Arteta’s team, as in the penalty process she managed to ward off two executions and give the victory to his team. Arsenal who had been defeated 1–0 in Portugal’s first game, wanted a quick goal, however Porto proved quite a difficult obstacle. Leandro Trosard in 41′ scored the only goal of the match, with the two teams leading to the extension, since the total score in the two matches was 1-1. More generally in “Emirates” viewers attended a quite good game, with both teams having rhythm and intensity. In this way the contest was led to the extension, where the pace had nothing to do with that of normal duration. The fatigue of football players played an important role, with Arsenal and Porto having a main goal of not accepting goals. This is how the race was led to the penalty, where Arsenal turned out to be colder. Players of the “canniers” scored in four penalty executions, as opposed to Porto who had just two goals, after Conseishao footballers fell to David Raya’s “wall”. The Spanish goalkeeper said no to Vendel and Galeno, resulting in the “normalists” winning 4-2 in the psychorival process and getting qualification in a fascinating game. This will even be Arsenal’s first presence in the final eight of the event after 14 years.