Arrested 3 Albanians for possession and trafficking of drugs

    They were arrested, the evening hours of 23-4-2016 in Athens, greece, by officers of the Department of Narcotics of the Directorate of Security of Attica…
    3 nationals of Albania, aged 38, 42 and 43 years of age, for possession and trafficking of drugs in the wider area of Athens.
    In particular, in the context of degradation of criminal networks trafficking in drugs and after investigation involving drug trafficking in the greater Athens area, were identified as the 3 mentioned above, was certified to the criminal action and after a coordinated operation arrested.
    In research carried out found and seized:
    Heroin weight -1.055 – g
    1.X.E car
    3 motorcycles
    1 electronic precision scale
    8 mobile phone devices.
    The arrested, against them formed file, they were put to mr public Prosecutor at first instance of Athens.