Ark of the World: For 4 April the trial for Father Anthony was adjourned

For April 4, 2024, he was suspended at the Trimelis Defect Court of Athens of 2018 until August 2022. The trial for Father Antonio has already received two postponements and today, Monday (01.04. 24) was discontinued for 4 April, while the procedure is expected when it begins to last for a long time due to the crowd of witnesses. The interruption was given at the request of Father Anthony’s advocate for health reasons. The case’s indictment includes the misdemeanors of heavy physical harm, dangerous physical harm, threat and moral insinuation in the above offences, an accusation attributed to Father Antony, as he allegedly knew or dictated abusive behaviors to employees of the “Civator of the World” and his co-defendants. The cases currently being tried concern crimes allegedly committed in the structures of Athens, Volos, Chios and Kalamata.