Ark of the World: Father Antony is unknown in the courts of Eleftridon Street – With long hair and overwhelmed

Unrecognizable reached the courts of Elepidon Street for the case of the Ark of the World. Father Antony seemed overwhelmed, his hair had grown long enough, while he did not want to make the slightest statement about what they charge him with the Ark of the World. Today the trial is held in Trimeles Defect court of Athens which has already been postponed twice more. In the stand apart from Father Antony there will be 7 other employees in the Ark of the World. Please note that at the expense of Father Anthony a separate investigation is pending on the felony charge of child abuse, while together with his wife Stamatia Georgantis, they are criminally controlled with regard to offences of embezzlement, infidelity and money laundering.