Aris: PAOK will reject the proposal for a Greek Cup final in Toumba

He is reportedly ready to propose the stadium of Toumba and AEL FC Arena for the seat of the Greek Cup final, but with him having… the opposite view. A short time after Mars’ intention to propose the stadium of Toumba as the possible home of the Greek Cup final, this option seems to be “burned” by PAOK. According to the relevant report, PAOK’s side seems to refuse to grant its own headquarters for the final, Panathinaikos – Mars. In fact, many are the ones who suggest that this move from Mars’ side is purely for… communicative reasons, while stressing that everyone’s mind in the group today is nowhere else but the game in Zagreb with Dinamo. Thus, the proposal that Mars seems to be ready to make in EPO remains the choice of AEL FC Arena (ground for which there seem to be many questions about the possibility of conducting such a game and even with people, as the Thessaloniki team is expected to request).