Aris Kavatzikis for Michael Hatzigiannis: Or I’d ask him the questions in the interview.

The background behind the two interviews he had received from him revealed by the journalist. Aris Kavatzikis referred to the cases he interviewed Michael Hatzigiannis and the people of the record label, indicated the content of the questions he would ask to the well-known singer. The interview of Michalis Hatzigiannis on youtuber, Alexander Kopsalis, stood. “I now want – now that I have grown up – to become youtuber. I saw Michael Hatzigianni’s interview with Alexander Kopsalis and they ask all that every journalist would like to ask but because of social norm he will never do it,” Aris Kavantzikis originally said. “We would all like to ask these things… whether he would like to have a child, how much he heard about his sexuality now that we speak openly about everything,” adds MEGA reporter. “To speak for ourselves. Otherwise I’d ask them questions, or Alexander Kopsalis would ask them about such matters. But because I’ve had an interview with Michael Hatzigiannis, people from our records and channels were across from me and they were telling me: no questions about personal life. Over. What? Are we going to question ourselves?”, then revealed Mars Kavantikis. “Our channels are trying to protect artists. It has happened to me twice with Michael across the street and they say: no personal questions,” he repeated. “It was then written that his relationship with Zeta Makripulia was a contract. They were written “monsters” and they had moved legally, I think. To keep the substance of the case, however, I am glad to finally hear Michael talk about these issues. And I don’t think this is a keyhole,” concluded Mars Kavatzikis.