Anticipation and concern in Skopelos for the compensation they Expect seven months – Still to come, the compensation

Intensifies the concern of those affected of Skopelos, who are calling for a new meeting with the government…
In standby mode, are seven months after the disaster the victims of Skopelos, expecting to give the state the money intended for the recovery of damages, while the new season is within walking distance.
In the meantime, the affected professionals of Skopelos, seeking re-meeting with the leaders of the ministry of Finance, in the context of efforts to solve the major problems that concern them.
The recovery of damages caused to household equipment 37 beneficiaries of Skopelos so far remains a request which asks for a prompt solution.
In the meantime, was distributed the amount of 7,500 euro to twelve people, while there has not yet been mandated by the ministry of Labour to the municipality of Skopelos, in order to be allocated to the beneficiaries the amount of 106.333 euros that has been approved by the competent Ministry, for the specific purpose.
Speaking in the TACHYDROMOS, the mayor of Skopelos, Christos Βασιλούδης, reported that there is a strong concern in the local population, as well as have not paid the allowances to the beneficiaries, despite the fact that they have approved the money. “Once we receive a mandate from the ministry, which will be made available directly to the beneficiaries’ points out the same.
Such is the picture and from the side of the affected professionals, who expect the government GAZETTE that will give the “green light” for the payment of compensation.
The president of the Association of the affected professionals of Skopelos, George Slave, underlines that it is a question of accelerating the procedures of the competent ministry, in order to process all the requests remain outstanding. Mr. Slave notes at the same time that a key request of the affected professionals remains the establishment of a special relief that would allow them to get back on their feet after the devastating effects of the disaster that struck the island last September.
The affected restore requests that were made a long time ago, in anticipation of, in particular, the answer for the issue of a temporary exemption from ENFIA. The first signs of an open window of hope, but the challenge is to determine positive and institutions.Source