Another Fatal Accident at the center of Volos 37CHRONOS DECEASED … … FOOD DISTRIBUTOR

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    (Title) Last 37chrono wages for distribution of ready meals in Volos. The route for delivery of orders not completed … Ceased Karteri death, which was erected for the mod in the center of town at the junction of Dimitriados with K. Kartali.
    Victim of road accident Vassilis Ant. Karamitros, father, baby a year. The pipeline started a store of ready meals Jason Street, ending with the most tragic way.
    At 4:20 pm on the street with K. Dimitriados Kartali the motorcycle driven by 37-year old motorcycle collided with another vehicle and driver a 21 year old, resident of Volos.
    one of the two cyclists, according to the Traffic Department, Volos and wore a protective helmet. For 37chrono, was meant to stand fatal for his life. After the offset of the collision of two two-rocked, as witnesses described, the worker found on the ground with his head. The 21chronos slightly injured.

    The noise of the conflict cut away bystanders and local residents. The sight of blood stained the asphalt young shocking. Ambulance to Ambulance, which at the time of the call is in motion, arrived in three minutes at the point of rolling. In nine minutes, the badly injured bicyclist imported Hospital of Volos. Doctors were put on standby for immediate entry into the operating room. We have time, unfortunately, nothing. The 37-year old psychorragouse, yielded the hits kranioegkefalika.
    passing the point, just ahead of the afternoon running the commercial market, shopkeepers and residents’ froze “the image of the collision of two motorcycles. The box on the back of a motorcycle that reported a 37-year old was on his way to order. It showed that they were in working hours, fighting for wages. All scattered in the street …
    Cause of traffic accidents is the violation of traffic lights. Nothing, it was officially released by the Traffic Department of Volos, the conditions causing the deadly car accidents and accidents. The preliminary investigation by the Traffic resumed.

    As a thunderbolt fell in Nea Ionia news of the tragic loss of Bill Karamitrou. At home in Redestou 20, where he lived with his wife 36chroni sank in heavy mourning.
    The couple had a year ago about acquiring his first child. Just a month ago, the atmosphere was festive home for the christening of their baby girl.
    Happiness and pride of 37chronou the child gained no hiding, said neighbors, who could not understand the great misfortune
    In describing as a new “diamond”, always smiling, cheerful help whoever was in need, true family man and much labor.
    The distribution of food since last autumn, as the familiar saying, it was a temporary solution for 37chrono to get the wages.
    And sometimes in the past had worked occasionally, but not permanently, at ntiliveri. Whether the additional income, either because those times had no other employment
    has had many jobs to live with his family, going on for months without sailing boat, which was the main employment. Like now, when we expect the update to sail …

    Vaso Samakovli

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