Anna Verouli: They said we were going to break up with Nico because of the age difference

A whole material interview was given to the camera of the show presented by . The former world champion of aconism is married to Nikos Michalopoulos and spoke about the age difference they have. Speaking on Helen Menegaki’s show Anna Verouli said: “I am not interested in the opinion of third parties about my relationship with Nikos. They said we’d split up because of the age difference, but we’ve been together almost 30 years. What I admire about Nico is that he’s a whole man. Love goes away, but love and respect remain.” As she says, she does not exercise but sees very nice exercises on youtube and thinks: “what fine exercises… I am tired.” But he also talked about the gold medal he won at the European track games in 1982 in Athens and the bronze medal in the First World Track Championship in Helsinki. “The medal gives you no glow. You sparkle the medal with your life attitude. Defeats are three times as many of the wins as we just stay in victory because it makes us happy,” Anna Veroulis stressed.

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