Anna Vaguena: When Lucian fell ill, I knew he was going toward the end

The most difficult moment of her life, the difficulties and, of course, the . Or talked about everything on the show camera “MEGA Morning”. Lucian Kelaedon left life in 2017. Anna Vaguena, as she had previously stated, often fights him because she is not here to see their grandchildren grow up. Today (03.04.2024) the well-known actress did not hide that the most difficult moment of her life is associated with his illness. “The most difficult period of my life was when Lucian got sick,” admitted Anna Vaguena. And he did not hide that when they found out about his illness, “I knew he was going to the end anymore.” Anna Vaguena also spoke of her professional course. “I am proud because I have been spared my job. I didn’t get rich from the videotapes and I’ve had a lot of financial difficulties, there’s been a hard time all the jobs if you do them decently, they’re not junk. I made some money, I didn’t get rich, it was some money helpful. I had to put in our money and we kept our jobs and the theater standing. Mostly we paid all the workers.”