Anita Nathanael: The revelation about the near disability and reconnection with Chris Humbert

‘ I was in danger of losing my leg from the knee down,” revealed the . The well-known presenter and ex spoke about the crisis in relationship with her husband, Chris Humbert. Helen Menegaki’s show was interviewed by the well-known presenter and former model, Anita Nathanael, and referred to the serious health adventure she spent, but also about the reset they made with Chris Humbert at their wedding. “I had a very serious health adventure. From a theoretically small surgery I entered to do, there was a serious surgery without knowing it, a serious medical mistake was made. I almost got crippled. I risked losing my leg from the knee down. I had an ischemic episode. I have recovered to a certain extent, I take my life back slowly, to the extent I can of course,” Anita Nathanael first said. About her marriage to Chris Humbert, Anita Nathanael confessed: “Chris is really the man who supports me from the first to the last moment. This adventure I had was the one that brought us closer. We had gone through a phase, after 24 years, that we had really lost our parallel roads. I’ll always be grateful to him because I don’t know if he would have gotten over it the way I got over it, that huge shock I went through, if it wasn’t for Chris. We made a reset in our relationship and saw that the important things for us are our love for our family, our children. We’re completely different people after 24 years, we want other things. But we accept each other’s diversity, the most important thing is to have a common goal.” “I had a crisis of age in the stairwell, now it’s been five years since, so I’m over it. It is true that there is age racism in women. Although for me age is a number and nothing more, this racism exists. I see that some things about us women change, vary,” concluded Anita Nathanael. To remind you that a year ago on the same show, Anita Nathanael had revealed: “Generally I’m too lonely. Me and Chris have now separated our lives. We have completely different programs. He chooses to work all day and I choose to live my life all day. I have time, I enjoy the sea every day and I have managed to put in my schedule too many elements that until now I have not had the luxury to do so. To do things for me. We make different lives…”.