Angela Demetriou for leaving J2US: “It couldn’t be different, I had to stop”

An impression was caused or by leaving because of a personal problem. In the show “I Love Sou Kou”, Angela Demetriou spoke explaining that leaving the show is inevitable. The singer revealed that she is facing a problem and thus unable to continue her performances at J2US. “It was a very nice party. I had a great time, like I spend every time I come to J2US, but unfortunately the price is paid. Once I have a problem, I have to pay for it. It can’t be different. Thank you so much to the whole world, I love the whole world. I thank them very much from my heart for their support and understanding,” Angela Demetriou said clearly distressed. “I mean it couldn’t be different, I had to stop. I love you very much, but I want you to understand me, understand what I’m saying. I appreciate and love Stelios very much, but unfortunately I can’t stay any longer… Be well and find the courage to return to you,” concluded the well-known singer.