Andromaches for George Livanis: Someone was pervasive with him, buying her “submarines” to relax.

“I’m jealous, isn’t it normal?” said the talk about her partner, also singer, . Andromache was invited to Alexander Kopsalis’ web show and among other things the young singer revealed the… imaginative way that removed a woman who was very pervasive with George Livanis. “My boy is beautiful. I’m jealous, isn’t that normal? There was one that was too diffuse and I was buying it submarines to relax and got the message,” said Andromache. “Before we became a couple with George Livanis, we were friends for many years. Until before the game started between us, he had friendly feelings. She made the first move when she told me he saw me in his sleep,” she said about her partner. Previously, George Livanis had an affair with Marialena Rummeliotis but Andromache was not interested in that. “He doesn’t play beef with Marialena Rummeliotis, I don’t even know what they had and I don’t care,” he said. “The venue of the song works a lot with acquaintances, joints, beds. I have never been suggested to do anything in spare parts but I have realized that I am undesirable, because I am not that man,” the singer also noted.

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