Ancient Corinth: This is the richest known city in the ancient world

Traveling to Greece, you have spent dozens of times from the richest city in the ancient world and you may not even know it. This will have happened if you’ve even crossed the Corinth Canal once. Then you’ve been in one of the most important cities in ancient times. Ancient Corinth. Her role over time was great considering how she was involved in the Persian War, the Peloponnesian, there was Alexander the Great and also the Apostle Paul! The borders of the important city-state of the ancient Peloponnese, as we said, were the richest city in the ancient world, extended from the east of the current prefecture of Corinth to the northeast of the prefecture of Argolida and bordered with Argos, Megara, Epidaurus and Sikyona. Ancient Corinth played an important role in the wars of the Classical period. A member of the Greek alliance against the Persians, he participated with 40 ships in the battle of Salamis while sending 5,000 soldiers to the famous battle of Plataion. The Corinthians controlled Isthmus, having intense commercial activity – until they were threatened by Athens. This was also one of the causes for the start of the Peloponnesian War (431 BC) as commercial competition between the two cities was great. Ancient Corinth sided with the Spartans, against the Athenians, offering such a powerful fleet, the only one that could face that of Athens! Akrokorinthos, 575 meters tall, began for the first time in the 7th – 6th century BC and later evolved into Acropolis. The morphology offered the possibility of defending in any form of attack, with the fortress-fortress having a substantially active role until the Revolution of 1821. .