AMAZING! You knew what you could do with a boiled toothbrush? [video]

He puts the toothbrush in a pot of boiling water and wait…
The result? Amazing!
The accessories necessary for a cool luke. Whether it is earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets, a little more flash or color can do a lot.
But it seems that the jewelry is more and more expensive these days, and the same happens with the prices of the clothes, so how will be dressed up elegantly for a girl, without draining her bank account?
Katrina Sherwood from the blog beauty on Youtube “Katrinaosity”, has just published a brilliant way to make your own plastic bracelets with something that you already have at home, but usually I just throw away when it gets old, the colored your toothbrushes!
Think again before you throw next time. Because you can turn them into beautiful bracelets! As he says, “is bright and colored,” and now that we’re back in the style of the 1980’s, we are sure that if you don’t like you with the same these bracelets, then you surely know a teenager that likes it! It’s perfect for school or even for gigs where the neon and colored lights are the “in”.
And best of all, it’s a piece of cake to make! See on your own! You will wear it?