All you need to do a mom without feeling guilty

Today’s parents don’t struggle as much as the previous generations….
What don’t we constantly hear from our parents?
Modern comforts such as systems, baby monitors, iPads, breast pump, toys that are designed to make our life more easy. But there are also a lot of things that moms feel guilty and forbid themselves to do – acts that seem selfish because there are children. “Shouldn’t you be spending quality time with the kids, instead of going to do a manicure?” or “you shouldn’t buy that expensive coffee maker. An educational game for children would be preferable.”, says a little voice in the mom.
It’s hard to drown anyone, but it is equally difficult to practice it. The moms, however, need to do things for themselves. Here are 18 things you can do, maybe not all at once, but over time and without any remorse, and guilt.
Go out with your girlfriends.
Call a babysitter, so you can get some sleep.
Give it a try one day, those amazing biscuits that you bought for the kids.
Put early the kids to bed so you can enjoy your favorite series on tv.
Don’t go to that parent and go to make your nails (only once, mind).
Cook your own favorite food instead of children.
Call the grandparents to watch the kids one night, so that you can get.
Lock the door of your bedroom, so you and your partner enjoy some time together.
Lock the bathroom door in order to do the physics you need to take your time.
Enjoy you the last scoop of ice cream left in the fridge.
Spend your free time reading something you are interested in and not something that has to do with the upbringing of children.
Do gymnastics daily.
Go a day for a cup of coffee and enjoy the sun .
Buy a piece of jewelry for you instead of for ten games for your children, who anyway will end up in the trash.
Take a day off, sit down in the empty home and enjoy the peace and quiet.
Go for a massage, just like that.
Find an excuse to go out and wear some of your clothes before you become a mother.
Find time for a hobby that has nothing to do with the kids but only because you like it.