Alexander Bourdumis: It is a long shot to present a new companion to my child

‘ And we did it, as we do it from time to time, for the child” he confesses. For everyday life with his beloved son, the civilized relationship with his ex-wife, Lena Drosaki and the possibility of a new relationship Alexander Bourdoumis spoke honestly when Tasos Jordanidis in the new episode for ERT’s “Bampa-des” show on Saturday afternoon. “I think we now have what we call culture at a fairly good level, yes. But it takes time, it cannot be done in a day and you say “now it will work that way.” It is a new treaty of this team that has been broken up, which has as its common denominator and common purpose the good of the team’s most valuable player. The Ten”. “So we need to feed him well and he can score the goals! But it also wants work, that is, we cannot say that “now we have found it” because something can happen and there will be constant changes,” the actor stressed. “Will you think twice and triple the choice of partner, tomorrow the day after tomorrow, in relation to the child?” Tassos Jordanidis asked Alexander Bourdoumis to give the following answer. “Sure, I don’t discuss it. Long, long shot. My personal relationship is another thing and then this, if the time comes, how it will be presented and how I will inform the child.” “This is another process. It is good and we did it, as we do it from time to time, to consult the experts and not to play the dudes.”