Alarm in Peking: Stops the operation of the entire city due to the contamination…

In “red alert” due to the infection…
is located Beijing, while the whole city “shuts down” for at least three days. As announced by the authorities, the air pollution in China’s capital exceeded all previous record, forcing the government to declare the city in a state of “red alert” for the first time in its history.
The measures that accompany the situation will be in effect from 7 in the morning of Tuesday, 8 December, while the dense cloud is not expected to dissolve before Thursday.
In the context of the emergency measures to stop any construction work done in outer space, while closed will remain in the schools and imposed restrictions on the movement of specific vehicles in the city of 22,5 million inhabitants. The cloud that has covered everything in Beijing is very intense in the last week, and after a short “respite” for the weekend came back even more powerful Monday, actuating the authorities in taking emergency measures.
On the 1st of December, the levels of contamination were again “hit red”