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Alarm at Maximus: What the government will do for farmers, refugees, and Turkey?

In a state of red alert, is the government in order to be able cope with the explosive combination of the closure of the border, the refusal of Turkey to agree to the operational plan of NATO and the concomitant increase in…
of refugee flows on the islands of the Eastern Aegean.
Nikos Ανδριόπουλου
Alexis Tsipras in a long telephone communication with the prime minister of the Netherlands and head of the EU presidency expressed ” its strong disapproval of the failure of the EU to ensure the implementation of agreed until the forthcoming extraordinary Meeting of 6 March. At the same time, Alexis Tsipras will have a meeting on Wednesday at 10:30 with the High Commissioner of the EU for the refugees, Filippo Grandi.
At the same time on the home front, in a telephone contact that mr Tsipras and the head of the Democratic Συμπαράταξης, Fofi Gennimata, informed that it has no objection to the conduct of the Council. However, it pointed out that we wanted to have in front of all of the data for the refugee. Identified by the same sources, the timing of the meeting just before or just after carrying out the critical and much-awaited Summit between the EU and Turkey for the refugees on 6 March.
The looks of the Maximus is riveted on today’s meeting of the Ministers of Interior and Foreign affairs of Austria and the countries of the Western Balkans convened by the Austria, for which the prime minister underlined the need for decisions relating to the management of refugee flows to be taken collectively, and inclusive.
Sources of the Palace, Maximus reported that Alexis Tsipras has declared last week that will bring forth the right of veto at european level as a form of pressure, as it did in the agreement for Britain. At this wavelength, moreover, was initiated, and the minister of Migration Policy, John Μουζάλας, who spoke of a hardening of the attitude of the country to the neighbouring countries which do not accept refugees. He said that “a quasi-coup action,” the decision of the republic of macedonia -which is also supported by other countries, such as Austria – to close the border with Greece for Afghan refugees and to restrict the input flow of refugees from Syria and Iraq.
“Five police officers directors of the Visegrad countries and, unfortunately, the Austria καταργήσανε the decision taken by the prime ministers 15 hours ago. These are unprecedented things for the european idea,” he noted, προαναγγέλοντας the transfer of discontent at the Meeting of Interior ministers on Thursday.
However, Vienna rejected the Greek claims with the approach of Nikos Kotzias, which featured “non-friendly action” the non-invitation of Greece to the “meeting coordination” for the “immigration management”, prior to that of european Home affairs ministers scheduled for Thursday in Brussels. It is noted that this will be part of the Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Croatia, MACEDONIA, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.
At the same time, at the Maximos Mansion sensing the risk of locking a large number of refugees and migrants within the Greek territory, are preparing feverishly. Already the minister of National Defence, Panos Kammenos announced the establishment of two additional centres of migration, which would be shipped to those returning from the borders with fyrom and arriving in Piraeus from the islands of the Eastern Aegean. However, the government staff know that the measure in question is “aspirin” in front of a huge problem, and throwing the whole weight on the international and diplomatic contacts in order to intensify the pressures for opening of the border, while as confirmed by the government spokesman, Athens will ask for a re-financial assistance for the refugees from the EU.
Mrs Γεροβασίλη during the update of the policies συνακτών pointed out that, “Athens is ready to move in any direction and will exhaust every possibility”. Senior government sources noted Tuesday night that the prime minister will have a phone contact for the issues of the border and NATO and with other european leaders, including Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel, asking to escalate the pressure for the observance of the agreed.
At the front of the engagement of NATO, Turkey raises claims outside of the existing agreement which cannot be accepted by the Greek side, as well as affecting the sovereign rights of the country, resulting in delays in the preparation of the operational plan of the Alliance. The government is waiting to see the attitude of the Anchor after the “emptying” of NATO through the secretary-general of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, who refuted the Turkish objections and pointed out that the people who will be saved from the nato ships will be returned to Turkey.
However, mr. Kammenos expressed the willingness of Greece to dispose of any port, for refueling, the ships of nato’s power, when you completed the training of the operational plan of the mission for the refugee flows. It is noted that four ships so far involved in the power.
Mr. Kammenos stressed that Turkey is going to blow the implementation of the plan of NATO. At the same time officials of the ministry of National Defence attempt to clarify if the back of the stand of the Turkish generals that raise issues on the 25th parallel for grey areas, is the Anchor in an effort to escalation of pressures with a view to the Session of 6 March, or is it “mutiny”, with most estimates converge in the first scenario.

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