Al Hillal “broken” the record of most consecutive wins

Her reached 28 consecutive victories and made the World record her own with most winning results in professional football. Al Hilal broke a terrible record, as Georges Jesus’ team with her win against Al-Itihad 2–0, reached 28 consecutive, resulting in now having the biggest streak that has occurred in World football. Al Hillal with Al-Sahrani goals at 61′′ and Malcolm at 90′+5′ managed to get the win she gave her historical record and now sets a bow to raise the number, which will hardly break in the future. It is worth noting that the club’s record began in September 2023, with games involving games for the Saudi league and Cup, as well as the Asian Champions League. The largest Al-Hill wins streak (Saudi Arabia): 28 (2023-2024) The New Stents (Wales): 27 (2016–2017) Ajax (Netherlands): 26 (1971–1972) Ajax (Netherlands): 25 (1955) Coritiba (Brazil): 24 (2011)