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    (Title) optimistic that the results of testing the strength of European banks, which will be given Friday published, will give a clear picture of the industry appeared the Commissioner Olli Rehn.

    Indeed, he stressed that Europe has the means to correct any weaknesses are found.
    According to European Commissioner, any banking problems must be directed first to the shareholders and the markets for help adding that “only then if there is still need to be protected by national stabilization funds».

    Meanwhile, Thursday afternoon teleconference will be held by the Ministers of Finance in view of resistance test results banks.
    The spokesman for the European Commission called this teleconference “closed”, that is not expected announcements regarding the content and results.
    Meanwhile, the belief that the National will pass the stress tests of the European Union expressed Wednesday by the chairman of the group, Vassilis Rapanos.

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    گفتگوی محسن با محسن آذر 88

    Cleveland-Thurman Advertising Flier, 1888 Politics
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