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(Title) softer stance on debt crisis in Greece, Spain and Portugal are beginning to adopt a zigzag by international rating agencies. The beginning was made by Moody’s, which estimates that more European banks to absorb shocks without their losses on government bonds in those countries are in abundance in their portfolios.
The estimate implies an indirect but clear admission by from the International House that these countries will not restructure their debt.
As reported yesterday, the director of the international house of Jean Francois Tremblay to agency Bloomberg, the banks can absorb any losses on government bonds of countries them without having to resort to increase their capital. With as much uncertainty and it was accompanied such a provision, particularly when adjusted for the tragic failures of international companies evaluation in the recent past, marks a clear change in the attitude they had against the risk of bankruptcy (albeit controlled) in the countries of the South.
It indicate that other recent studies, such as the Nomura, increase the amount of damage that would cause the bonds to banks in these countries at 900 billion.

To absorb even half of this amount would be required to write a cover colossal capital increases. Accordingly therefore, the belief is the house Moody’s, after the so-called fatigue test (stress test) carried out the same in certain European banks for their endurance and implicitly waives the “frame” the extreme scenario of bankruptcy. Bound even that will not go into any detrimental effects on the revision of bank holding government bonds in those countries. Of course this does not mean that the banking system in Greece is return to normalcy. Leaks deposits, although with less intensity, are on the agenda of inter-bank lending is aponekromenos.
Reveals information from the Central Bank of Cyprus in April only to the banks of the island accrued nearly 100 million. These deposits, although not stated country of origin, the vast majority of them from Greece. Overall the beginning of the Cypriot banks in Cyprus (including the Bank of Cyprus and Marfin) have increased their deposits by almost 1 billion.
Contrast to Greece in the first quarter of the stock of deposits has reduced by about 10 billion. In other words, the rumors about bankruptcy of Greece and the return of imaginative scenarios drachma led to Cyprus in 10% of Greek deposits. In tragic irony on the island is the seat of the international rating Moody’s.

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