Aetoloakarnania: The unknown gorge with the impressive waterfall

A small unknown paradise lies well hidden at the foot of the mountain Aracynthos, opposite it, and promises unique moments of calm and relaxation in front of an impressive one. To reach the good hidden waterfall, it took an hour to hike. Together with Lambros Harello a member of the Department of Environmental Awareness, the Association “the Aetolic”, we met on the old highway. The sunny spring day creates feelings of harmony within the sounds of nature that dominate the course of the gorge. “The gorge is supervised by the Messolonghi National Park Management Unit of OFYPEKA, as the whole area is protected,” says Lambros Harellos and notes that the place has very beautiful places to highlight. Entering the unknown gorge of Paleorolakas, sounds from running waters are heard. A pair of Golden Eagles is flying over the steep cliffs. Lambros explains to us that they are the only couple in the area and complements that there live rock-kirks and some vultures. The formations from the rocks are impressive. It is an imposing rocky image that causes awe. As we move through the gorge we find streams and small waterfalls, while next to the trail we see cratered turtles, an endemic species in our country that is protected. In the route we find remnants of water mills that used to exist in the area. They are stone ruined buildings, telling the walker the history of the place. The view of the unknown waterfall, in the heart of the gorge, impresses. Waters fall from a height of about 20 meters and create a small blue-green lake. The environment emits a therapeutic energy. The gorge of Paleorolakas, though spreads in a protected area, has not been explored. For those who are natural worshipers the climbers, the course between the rocks and the waterfall, is a revelation.