AEK – Olympiacos: With Zelson Martins but without Andre Orta and Sotiris Alexandropoulos the mission of “reds”

José Luis Medilibar made known his mission, in the derby of the second playoffs in the Super League against , with Zelson Martins in it, unlike André Orta and Saviour Alexandropoulos. Olympiacos completed his preparation for the away derby against the AEK in the “OPAP Arena” as part of the Super League playoffs’ second match, with José Luis Medilibar taking with him on the mission of the Zelson Martins team, leaving out André Orta and Saviour Alexandropoulos. It is worth noting that the Spanish technician has included in the mission of the ‘reds’ four centrefort. As for Orta, the Portuguese midfielder felt discomfort at the last minute, resulting in him not being able to give the present to derby. In detail the mission of Olympic Easter, Botis, Jolakis, Ortega, Karmo, Kini, Rodinay, Biancon, Rechos, Chikinio, Fortunis, Ibora, Martins, Carnival, Ese, Pontense, El Kabi, El Arabi, Masuras, Jovetic, Navarro.