AEK – Olympiacos: The reason Chican Stankovic stayed off mission

Chican Stankovic stayed out of 20 for her derby with him at OPAP Arena. The Austrian goalkeeper injury that caused a headache on Matias Almeida. AEK joined the derby with Olympiacos without its main goalkeeper, Chican Stankovic. The Austrian portere faces inconveniences which he was unable to overcome so he was fatally left out of the mission. His condition will be re-evaluated in the next period. Analystly the eleventh of the AEK : Athanasiadis, Rota, Vida, Mukudi, Hajishafi, Simanski, Jonson, Amrampat, Gachinovich, Pineda, Garcia. Substitutes: Ginnes, Callens, Mandalos, Ljubicic, Chuber, Araho, Ponce, Eliasson, Fernandes.