AEK – Olympiacos: The eleven in the OPAP Arena derby

The will welcome him in a short time (31/03/24, 20:30, LIVE from for the Super League 1 playoff 2nd match, with the two teams announcing the eleventh of the match. AEK and Olympiacos do not face significant injury problems and Matias Almeida and José Luis Medilibar chose the best possible shape for the Super League 1 playoffs’ big game in OPAP Arena. The home team AEK will then begin the game with Athanasiadis, Rota, Vida, Mukudi, Hajishafi, Simanski, Jonson, Amrampat, Gacinovic, Pineda, Garcia and Olympiacos having basics Jolaki, Ortega, Karmo, Recho, Rodinei, Ese, Chikinio, Fortuni, Pontense, Masura and El Kabi.

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