AEK – Olympiacos: Since 2017 the Union has won the ‘reds’ home

She faces him in the “great” derby of their second playoffs in the Super League, with the Union having to win the Pirates home in the league since 2017. Derby AEK – Olympiacos is the most important game for the second game of Super League playoffs, a match that always holds a special spectacle. After all, it is not a common secret that in the encounters of the “yellow blacks” against the Piraeus team almost always several goals are scored, while there are not a few twists between the two. Worth mentioning is the fact that AEK has won Olympiacos at home for a championship match since 2017-18, a 3-2 match in favour of the Union, even though it was back in the 0-2 score. Since then the “reds” have won five wins in 10 games, with the largest being 1–5 for the 2020–21 season playoffs. In fact, last season during the regular league season Olympiacos managed to become the first team to win the AEK in the “OPAP Arena” in a game that ended 3-1 in favor of Piraeus. The games AEK – Olympiacos 1-1 AEK – Olympiacos 0-0 AEK – Olympiacos 1-3 AEK – Olympiacos 2-3 AEK – Olympiacos 1-5 AEK – Olympiacos 1-1 AEK – Olympiacos 1-2 AEK – Olympiacos 0-0 AEK – Olympiacos 1-1