AEK – Olympiacos: Guidelines of the Union towards the world to be found in the ‘OPAP Arena’ for derby

The FC, through its long announcement, wanted to recommend the special attention of the world, for the derby against him, as part of the Super League playoffs. The Derby AEK – Olympiacos for Super League playoffs to be held in the “OPAP Arena” is already sold out, with the Union making an announcement with directions to the team’s world that will present the match. The “yellow blacks” under the new sports law that is in place, highlights the risks that exist in any inappropriate behavior by fans. In fact, from the AEK you point out that under no circumstances should he approach the “OPAP Arena” world that has no ticket at its disposal. The announcement of AEK FC Friends of AEK The championship is also judged by our behavior on the ramp in the remaining home games. First of all, tomorrow (31/3, 20.30) with Olympiacos at OPAP Arena. Help the AEK, but protect it at the same time. Don’t give our opponents the pleasure of falling into traps that we can easily avoid. We keep saying it, but this repetition is absolutely necessary: The new legal framework gives no room. With the slightest mistake we can do a lot of damage. The first heavy penalties have already been imposed, in no way should we accept any similar. Also, you must keep in mind that penalties are proportionately strict on an individual level. You saw what happened and how much hardship and danger there were for our team friends who were simply found on a roof next to the stadium in Lamia. It’s not worth it for any superficiality, someone other than endangering the AEK, destroying its own life. The penalties are heavy and with immediate application, since in most cases they do not have a suspensive character. A lot of attention for yourselves! No fireworks, no flare, no smoke, no object. The penalties are too strict for you and the team. The same goes for anyone who tries to pass without a ticket. In addition, any ticket holder who attempts to pass with him another person without a ticket will always have the right to enter the OPAP Arena, in addition to penalties by the competent authorities. Don’t go anywhere without a ticket to the stadium, not even the points where pre-checks start. Do not approach any person who may be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. There will be no one on the field who will carry any backpack, or bag, or machine helmet. Do not attempt to enter the stadium with racist – anti-sport – provocative – abusive content. Any such effort will lead to arrest and severe individual penalties. Appearance of such banners or signs on the pitch brings heavy punishment for the team, beyond the individual penalty to whoever has the responsibility. Doors will open three hours before the race begins at 17.30. All ticket holders must have a police identity or passport with them. A Bengal, a flare, a smoker, an object that will fall into the field not only closes our stadium, but most likely it will lead the offender to prison. Like any other kind of breach of security measures. The security camera system is the most modern in Greece and by the time the doors open they will be under full police control. Any infringements are identified, i.e. by the competent police authorities directly and the integrity of the system is such that there is no way that the offender will not be found and the corresponding heavy penalties imposed on him. We say it again: No one destroys their life to light a Bengali, to throw a firecracker or an object into the field. Since the stadiums have been reopened, heavy penalties have already been imposed not only on the teams, but also on an individual level. And they will continue to be imposed. We also stressed that in this particular match we are very likely to face provocative behaviors that will aim to punish us. We all have to keep that in mind all the time. We ignore them, protect the AEK and ourselves, there are not for us those who come with intent to provoke. They want to get in the middle and hurt us, but we can’t do them a favor. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, thank you for another Sold Out. Together, safely, on the side of the AEK, we pay no attention to anything but support for our players and Matias Almeida.