AEK – Marousi 88-85: Hard win for the Union at the premiere of play out

Or played with the… fire against the , but with an outburst in the last two minutes of the match, he managed to reach the 88–85 win, premiered with the… right on the Basket League playout. With a bad start in the game, AEK allowed Maroussi to take the lead in the first quarter and had to do the twist afterwards, to go marginally before halftime and reach +6 of the third quarter. The Amarousians reacted in the last period and even took a lead, just minutes before the finale of the match. Two consecutive baskets of his top match, Kuzminskas, however, were enough to tilt the… balance for the Union and give her even one difficult first win in the Basketball League playout. The quarter: 13-20, 41-39, 66-60, 88-85