ADEDY strike Tuesday, May 21st to restore the Gift and raise 10% on wages

At the 24-hour nationwide declaration on Tuesday, May 21, the General Council proceeded at the meeting, which took place yesterday (02.04.2024) As stated in the ADEDY’s communication on the strike, the claim framework concerns, inter alia, the restoration of Gifts and the horizontal increase of 10% in wages. In detail, the measures they claim under the communication are: “- Horizontal increase of 10% in salaries of employees in the public sector, in order to address in a fundamental way accuracy and inflation. – Restore the Gifts. – Collective contracts for salaries. – abolition of the two-year 2016–2017 wage freeze. – Abolition of 2% contribution to unemployment. – Increase tax-free to 12,000 euros. – Increase in the allowance for unhealthy work. – Direct staffing with officials of all critical public bodies (health, education, social services, insurance, etc.) and upgrading all necessary infrastructure”. At the same time, the General Council of ADEDY decided to hold meetings and General Meetings throughout the country, with a view to informing colleagues on the one hand, and the better organization of strike mobilisation. The General Council of ADEDY also decided: “- Strike mobilisation on Labor Day May 1, 2024). – Supporting health mobilisations (POEDEN) OENGE) on 16 May 2024. – Supporting the mobilisations of the educational federations that are currently taking place with the strike – abstaining from the evaluation. – The support of the dismissed trade unionist, D. Antoniou, with a rally of protest on Friday, April 5, at E.K.A.”