ADE: The digital applications “My Requests” and “My Dates” are extended with the inclusion of the DOU Ships

A new expansion of its digital services progresses with the integration of Ships into the digital platforms “My Requests” and “My Dates”. In particular, as of today (1.4.2024) traders or their representatives have the opportunity to submit requests and plan an appointment with DOW Ships digitally, via the digital portal, after being identified using TAXISnet codes. In particular, taxpayers: Through the digital application “My Requests” (myaade > My Requests), they can submit a request in a structured manner to the DOU Ships, be informed of the available procedures, attach the necessary supporting documents as appropriate and monitor the progress of their request. Through the digital application “My Dates” (myaade > My Dates) they can plan an appointment digitally with the DOU of Ships for their affairs, but also be informed of any change (e.g. completion, cancellation or re-planning appointment), on the e-mail and mobile phone that they have stated in the “Register & Communication” section of the myADE digital portal. Also, taxpayers are now able to manage and monitor the evolution of their Requests and Dating and through myADEapp, the digital application of AADE for mobile devices. It is recalled that, from 22/7, the DOU of Ships is transformed into the Maritime Tax Service, as part of the major organizational restructuring of the AADE and the transition to its new operating model.