ADE: Digital submission of the declaration of performance of the climate crisis resilience fee

A new digital application for the submission of a declaration of return on the resilience fee is available to citizens and businesses from 12.3.2024, with a view to facilitating their transactions and their more efficient service , according to its communication . ADE points out that the climate crisis resilience charge (TAK) is imposed per day and that includes: main hotel accommodation rental furnished rooms real estate apartments available through short term rental self-serviced accommodation of tourist furnished villas (villages) TAKK is submitted to the Tax Administration with monthly statements until the last day of the following month by that of issuing any “special item – proof of the collection of a climate crisis resilience fee”. The submission of the declaration of the durability fee is made through the myADE digital portal, following the route: Applications > Tax Services > Fees & special taxes > Statement of performance of the climate crisis resilience fee. Interested persons can be informed through the Center for Tax Service: +30 213 162 1000, on the working days and hours 07:30 – 17:00.