Address Electronic Crime, through the innovative “online” process

    Address Electronic Crime, through the innovative “online” process “CYBER ALERT”, has contributed to… prevent another case of expression of intention of suicide, via the internet.
    In particular, the Coordinating Operational Centre of the Directorate of Prosecution of E-Crime, through the process of “CYBER ALERT”, was updated via e-mail, yesterday (20-05-2016) in the afternoon, that unknown person had posted on well-known social media comments referring to suicidal ideation.
    Directly the officers of the Prosecution of computer Crime advanced in-depth online – police investigations, in which identified the identity of the person and the place of residence of the person who expressed the intention to commit suicide.
    Subsequently, it was the local Police Department and with the direct intervention of the Police has been identified within the home 21-year-old resident, in a bad psychological state.
    After you have ensured the physical integrity of the 21χρονης, informed the competent district Attorney and by order of the transported to an appropriate Hospital for examination, where and is hospitalized.
    The file formed will be submitted to the competent public Prosecutor’s office court of first instance.
    It is recalled that the citizens can communicate, anonymously or with the Address of Electronic Crime, in order to provide information or to report illegal or reprehensible actions or activities committed through the internet, at the following contact details:
    • Telephone: 11188
    • By e-mail (e-mail) to:
    • Through the application (application) for smart phones (smart phones): CYBERKID