Actions for highest guarantees for 717 – Not yet paid by the defendants

The large ones that have been imposed following the apologies of the accused on its part for the failure to implement Convention 717 have not yet been paid. According to defense counsel in the case, Thrashybulos Kontaxis, his commandant will appeal to the interrogator for the disappearance of the guarantee as the 600,000 euros imposed on her does not have them. If the court officer rejects it the next step is an appeal to the Judicial Council. Mr. Kontaris also noted that a lawsuit has been filed against Kyriakos Velopoulos who accused him of interfering with the work of justice due to his statements in the House about those involved in Convention 717. “Greek Justice in the Tempes case, despite any problems it may have, moved rapidly, discreetly and effectively. This does not apply to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office which, in our view, is actually pursuing policy, (with the tooling of the law, a position on which it will soon receive all legal responses to all competent authorities, the Council of Europe including). It is for these reasons that yesterday – 1 April 2024- announced by the Union of Justices and Prosecutors, which is a catapult against the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. Most people, therefore, who, (parties, politicians, journalists, institutional bodies, “rebels of the sofa and the Fb”), citing the victims and the tragicity of their loss, attempt to exploit – each for their own benefit – the interest of public opinion (part of which, unfortunately, “thirsty for blood”). In this context, Mr. Velopoulos, journalist, MP and party president, (talking to Parliament about “fun that begins” …), intervened in the work of Greek Justice, spreading lies, which permeate defendants’ suspicions, with an obvious risk of unrecognised imprisonment of Justice, in violation of every notion of the presumption of innocence. It was therefore filed against the offence of personality and also an infringement of the presumption of innocence by a public official. Similar lawsuits and crimes will be suffered, directly, by anyone who leaks and perverts parts of the case, who expects political or other benefits and intervenes unfairly in the work of Justice and blackmails judicial judgments,” Mr. Kontaxis points out in his statement.