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    (Title) The Council of State appealed to the public markets vendors seeking to set aside as unconstitutional and illegal decision of the Minister of Finance, which until June 30, 2010 have been ordered type approved cash machine, which will use mandatory from 1 October 2010.
    It appealed to the CoE, the Panhellenic Federation of Agricultural Producers Seller-street markets, the Federation of Producers of Popular Markets, Central and Western Macedonia, Thessaly and Thrace, 23 farmers and producers of popular markets.
    By the same decree the second group to comply with tax records of the Code of Books and Records.
    The producers argue that the contested decree is unconstitutional and illegal and is in private interests.

    indicate that the forecast demand for cash machine four months before the normal entry requirement for its use constitutes “legal oxymoron” because it is not possible to impose tax obligations ahead of ourselves, that is before poison the date on which parties fall into another category of bookkeeping that are lawfully present.
    also emphasize that they are required to use cash machines is from October 1, 2010, when placed in the new category of tax compliance book, therefore is illegal any obligation prior to that date.

    again emphasizes that the contested decree was an abuse of power, as it serves private rather than public interests.
    It is argued, letter, the Association of Importers and Manufacturers of Cash Systems that it was impossible the direct supply of popular markets portable cash registers. Therefore, there are reasons of public interest which led to the contested ministerial decision, but to serve private interests, leading the applicants to the CoE.

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    Inside Politics with Gov. Jack Markell and Nathan Daschle of the Democratic Governors Association Politics
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    Inside Politics with Gov. Jack Markell and Nathan Daschle of the Democratic Governors Association Politics
    Image by Third Way

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