Action by the Supreme Court on episodes outside the cinema “Olympion” and the pro-coupling of Kasselakis

The immediate intervention of the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court caused the incidents in Thessaloniki outside the cinema “Olympion” in the city centre and the pre-compilation of the president of Syriza- Progressive Alliance of Stefanos Kasselakis. The incidents were caused by a group of hoods, participating in a concentration of LGBTKI against the homophobic attack on two transgender individuals in Thessaloniki. Upon its order, the Supreme Court prosecutor asks the Chief Prosecutor of Thessaloniki to take the necessary steps “to identify spontaneously prosecuted criminal acts, such as stimulation of crimes, violence or discrimination, disturbance of common peace etc., overseeing and carrying out the police pre-trial investigation, as well as the detection and arrest of the perpetrators” and to inform the Supreme Court’s Public Prosecutor.